John Butler Trio – April Uprising

John Butler Trio - April Uprising

My favourite artist, John Butler and his Trio has just released his new album entitled ‘April Uprising’. It’s such a fantastic album. I love every single song on it, from the awesome e-bow intro on ‘Revolution’, to the kick ass, bad ass ‘Close to You’, the epic Claw-hammer Banjo’ing in ‘Ragged Mile’, the epic outro of ‘To look like you’, and the fantastic jam they have at the end of ‘Johnny’s Gone’.

My version comes with 2 bonus tracks, ‘Gone’ and ‘Only You’. Both great, I love ‘Only You’ more than ‘Gone’, that’s because I’ve head ‘Gone’ many times before I think. John’s rapping on ‘Only You’ got me so in the mood today, whilst taking a wee walk by the river, I started to dance, and groove – this is London, I’m allowed to do this sorts of things now.

Next week, we are off to see the awesome Trio in Brussels, I seriously cannot wait to hear some of these tracks live.

Here’s the first verse to ‘Ragged Mile (Spirit Song);

I will run,
Yes I will roll,
I will climb your mountains high,
Through the valleys of deceit,
Through cold winds of denial,
And though you fear the cold dark,
I’ll be right here by your side,
‘Cos until you know just who you are,
You’ll never know I’m near not far,
I’ve caught your falls I’ve helped you rise,
I’ve damned these torrents from your eyes, I know.

Lovely I thought.

Buy the album folks, you wont be disappointed!

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