For my latest showreel, please click the link: Iestyn Roberts, Animation Showreel

Finished Animations:


I animated both basketball players for the AL1VE Magnetics commercial across all shots.

[youtube width=”853″ height=”480″][/youtube]

Responsible for theĀ AnimationĀ on the 10 shot, dream sequence between 0:38 to 1:08(Arx Anima) Disney’s Tom and Angela – You Get Me (from Talking Friends)

Catgroove – for the Work in Progress thread: Got the Groove

Cartoony Baseball Swing

Simple walk cycle

Work in Progress shots.

[youtube width=”645″ height=”375″][/youtube]
Syr Wynff a Plwmsan – Test (Blocking)

Ninja – Polishing from Iestyn Roberts on Vimeo.

Animation Mentor Reels

Animation Mentor – Term 1 Reel

2 Replies to “Animation”

  1. Hi Iestyn,
    I just watched Episode 1 season 5 of black mirror. I noticed your name on the credits spelt with an “L”.
    For you and all Iestyn’s out there can you get them to correct their mistake.
    I often come across this problem with dull people changing the “I” to an “L”, infuriating!!!
    Keep up the good work.

    Iestyn Rhodes

    1. Ha, yes – tell me about it! The bane of my life. I was furious when I saw it incorrectly up on there, after almost a year of my life working on the show. I’m still trying to get them to change it. No luck so far.

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