Revolution – John Butler Trio


My fave artist, John Butler Trio has released a new video for his awesome new single – Revolution.

The video is really simple, but beautifully made. This song is my favourite from the April Uprising album, and I can’t stop playing it. Check it out folks!

A visit to Brussels


Over the weekend, Me and Regi went over to Brussels for a long weekend. My favourite artist – John Butler Trio – was playing there on the Sunday, and one of Regi’s friends lives there, so we decided to combine a trip of epic proportions. And that’s what it was. We had a fantastic time, and it was lovely to meet Nadia, and be spoilt by her lovely cooking and hospitality.

We (thankfully) booked the Eurostar over, left London at 7am, and got into Brussels at around 10am local time. The journey was pretty awesome, there was a lovely morning mist, and the sun was a-blasting.

We went for a wee tour of Brussels, and headed down to the Grand Place. Here are two panoramic I took of the beautiful square;

Grand Place Square
Grand Place Square

We then headed over to see Manneken Pis, the famous peeing fountain boy, today he was wearing a sweet little costume. Apparently, he’s dressed in a different costume, several times each week. Gotta be warm I guess;

Manneken Pis

Brussels is known for their fries, so we just had to get some, Nadia knew of a pretty awesome shop that sold some good ones, so off we went. The sauce I had on mine was called Andalucia I believe. It was really quite good – a bit spicy, but I’d recommend it.

Brussels Fries

We then went for a wee walk, seeing some cool Street performers ‘n that. Came across a nice few streets, and some cool looking old Chapels, which Brussels is full of.

Gina & Saint-Jean-Baptiste au Béguinage
A water feature

We managed to find the Canal that runs through Brussels. It was a beast of a thing, and unfortunately, full of rubbish.  It’s a sad thing that I think.

Brussels–Charleroi Canal

John Butler was just awesome, live they are phenomenal. I saw them a few years ago, but now they’ve improved so much. John seems so much happier in the new band, and it really showed on stage, that they were having a great time. In front of us throughout the gig was this crazy old German dude with amazing sideburns, just going crazy to John, he was very drunk – and out of beat with everything. Hilarious he was.

John Butler (pic by Regi)

We walked North, to see the Atomium, and also came across the Chinese Pavilion. The Atomium itself doesn’t really do anything for me, an odd looking thing I find. The Chinese Pavilion and the Japanese Tower on the other hand were amazing buildings. They really were. The Japanese Tower is 80m high! I would have loved to go to the top, but unfortunately, it’s closed on a Monday.

Me & Atomium
80-metre high Japanese Tower
Chinese Pavilion

After that, we just chilled, saw some more pretty buildings, ate some more fries, waffles, had some Beers, and hung out with Nadia. It was a really great trip. Good times.


Me at Grand Place (pic by Regi)
Me by the Musée de Bruxelles (pic by Regi)
Me & the Brussels–Charleroi Canal (pic by Regi)
Regi at Brussels Park

John Butler Trio – April Uprising

John Butler Trio - April Uprising

My favourite artist, John Butler and his Trio has just released his new album entitled ‘April Uprising’. It’s such a fantastic album. I love every single song on it, from the awesome e-bow intro on ‘Revolution’, to the kick ass, bad ass ‘Close to You’, the epic Claw-hammer Banjo’ing in ‘Ragged Mile’, the epic outro of ‘To look like you’, and the fantastic jam they have at the end of ‘Johnny’s Gone’.

My version comes with 2 bonus tracks, ‘Gone’ and ‘Only You’. Both great, I love ‘Only You’ more than ‘Gone’, that’s because I’ve head ‘Gone’ many times before I think. John’s rapping on ‘Only You’ got me so in the mood today, whilst taking a wee walk by the river, I started to dance, and groove – this is London, I’m allowed to do this sorts of things now.

Next week, we are off to see the awesome Trio in Brussels, I seriously cannot wait to hear some of these tracks live.

Here’s the first verse to ‘Ragged Mile (Spirit Song);

I will run,
Yes I will roll,
I will climb your mountains high,
Through the valleys of deceit,
Through cold winds of denial,
And though you fear the cold dark,
I’ll be right here by your side,
‘Cos until you know just who you are,
You’ll never know I’m near not far,
I’ve caught your falls I’ve helped you rise,
I’ve damned these torrents from your eyes, I know.

Lovely I thought.

Buy the album folks, you wont be disappointed!

Raise your fist if you believe in Revolution!

Every week, I plan on sharing somethings that I find interesting, or keep track of what I’ve been doing etc. Well this week has been an odd one.

My beloved PC gave up on me last weekend – so I’ve not been able to do as much of anything as I’d like. So! the plan is now to get me a beautiful iMac. I think my PC days are over, and it’s time for a change. So, hopefuly, real soon, I’ll have my new toy.

Surfs Up!
My fave artist has an awesome new sog out – John Butler Trio, One Way Road. It’s such a feel good song, I highly recommend that you check him out.

That’s all for now folks!