Three Sisters – Glen Coe, Panorama

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Because my iMac is so amazing, simple everyday things such as looking at photos is just simply awesome. I love iPhoto, so I decided to take a quick look at some old photos I had, and came across this, an 11 photo panorama view of Glen Coe, unstitched, so off I went to stitch them together. I think it came out quite nicely.

Three Sisters - Glen Coe, Scotland - Summer

Edit; I’ve just remembered that I also took a similar panorama when I went to Scotland with my Girlfriend this last Winter;

Three Sisters - Glen Coe, Winter

Waw, check out the difference in colours! Isn’t that incredible!?

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  1. What a nice picture. It brings back many memories for my wife and me as we were at this very spot on a tour about 3 years ago. Our tour guide knew this would be a beautiful spot and recommended we shoot the group picture there. For a tour group photo, it was a good one, but, of course, not in a league with your panorama.
    BTW, we visited Wales on this same trip. You have some wonderful places to make photographs at hand.

  2. Hello Louie.

    Thank you so much for your comment. Scotland is a fantastic place, and I remember this spot being full of tour busses, and it ruined it a little bit for me, that’s why I went down the path a little to take this photo. I went up there again last Winter with my girlfriend, there wasn’t a single tour bus in sight, but the fog and the rain was in, so we couldn’t see the Three Sisters.

    Did you enjoy Wales? I think it’s a wonderful place, and I’m incredibly lucky to have been brought up here.

    Thanks for stopping by!
    – Iestyn

  3. Yes, it is fantastic. It was foggy like this the day our tour stopped, although greener during the summertime. The soft light of the fog helped us all look a little better and not as wrinkled as we might really be. Both panoramas are beautiful. I hope to see the Three Sisters again one day.

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