For our mountain walking club back home in Wales, I’ve been playing around with the idea of creating a T-Shirt inspired by a Raven, and the sounds it makes, which a friend nailed it by saying ‘Cronc’. I am really fond of Ravens, mainly because they’re always flying around your head when you’re up on the Welsh Hills, and I recently learned an interesting fact about them, that Vikings used to carry them in their boats – or Drakkar, because, apparently, Ravens can’t land on water. So, whenever the jolly old Vikings used to head off to find new land, they would release the Raven from it’s cage, the Raven would shot up to the sky – had a good look around, and search for land. If it couldn’t see land, it would simply land back on the Dakkar, or if it did see land it would fly towards it, and the Vikings would follow, and discover new land. Very good those Vikings were I tell thee.

So, here’s my first play at the design;

Cronc - T-Shirt Design

The mountain in the background is Tryfan. If anyone has any comments, please feel free to throw some my way. I hope this T-Shirt works, I’ve got in touch with a friend who has an awesome company back home in Wales – Peris & Corr – an eco-friendly screen printing and textiles company, enquiring if it’s possible etc, so stay tuned to see how this one turns out!

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