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End of last year, my beloved PC gave up and died. I was really sad to see it go, I loved that thing, but, on the upside, I’ve been converted, and converted I have indeed, to the awesome that is Mac.

My girlfriend was telling me how awesome her Mac was, and after a lifetime (ish) of being with PC, I decided that a change was in order, so I jumped in, and got me a new 27″ iMac.

My Office

This new machine is just pure awesome. From the moment I switched it on, everything just worked, everything! Everything is so sleek, smooth, with nice lines, curves where there should be, and the power of this thing is phenomenal!

So! Because of this awesome beast of a machine, and wanting to be with my girlfriend, I’ve started animating again. After a looong break of doing things that I’ve been wanting to pursue, such as mountaineering, and just general break from the computer, it’s time to buckle down, and make things happen.

I’m working away on my demo reel, and right now, I’m working on a pantomime shot. I’ll be sure to keep the blog posted as to how the progress goes.

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  1. Iest, that’s awesome! Your Mac looks really sexy. I bet working with it is like magic. Perhaps even better. I also hope you’re not giving up mountaineering for good, cos I’ve been planning on trekking in England sometime in the near future.

    And about that shot: reminds me of the one you did back in AM :) Only now I think it looks much smoother.

    Take care, and keep in touch!

  2. Hey Yair! Thanks man! I am indeed in love with the new Mac.

    No, I’ll never give up on Mountaineering – if you’re planning on coming over to the UK, be sure to give me a shout man, Wales and Scotland have much more awesome mountains than England, I’d go for a wee walk with you :)

    It’s the same pantomime shot – but I’ve reworked a lot – went back to the blocking stage, and reworked like crazy! It’s flowing much better now already!

    Cheers for stopping by man – and I’ll be sure to keep in touch!

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