New Animation Showreel

I have just updated my showreel with some of my shots I did for the ‘You Get Me‘ music video I did over at Arx Anima:

All the information about the reel, and shots can be seen on the Showreel page : Iestyn Roberts – Animation Showreel. I’m currently on the lookout for some animation work, please feel free to get in touch if you require some animators.

I also want to thank my super amazing girlfriend for being so incredible to me whilst I’ve been working on my reel. Diolch cariad.

Animation Mentor – Term 1 Reel

Whilst going through my old files, I decided to playblast my Animation Mentor – Term 1 Reel out, and upload it so that I have a reference of it on my website. I’ll render it out someday, so it’s all nice and shinny, but for now, the playblast version is ok. The exercises taught me so much about animation, and it’s good to look back at them now and again. I’ve also included my Baseball pitch from Term 2.

I’ve also created a new page, titled ‘3D Stills‘ which I’ve uploaded my Animation Mentor Poses, along with some other stills of mine. I really enjoyed doing the poses back at AM, I think I’ll start creating them again on a weekly bases, to get some inspiration flowing!

Chaplin Stance

CGSociety – My CGPortfolio


Today, I went ahead and updated my Gallery on CGSociety. Right now, all I have on there is my Term 1 Animation Mentor Poses that we had to do. Those were super fun exercises, that I’m going to bring back into my workflow. I never felt more inspired back then, so as a part of getting myself more into animation, it’s something that I really want to do.

My Gallery on CGSociety

Feel free to view the stills on my page – Iestyn Roberts on CGPortfolio – and leave some feedback.

I plan on getting out a lot more with my sketchbook, so there will be a new pose added to the Blog, and perhaps the Gallery weekly.

Farewell ‘ye old blog


As I’ve got myself this brand new shinny new Blog, and I’m really liking everything about it thus far, I’ve decided to delete my first ever blog. It was a fun blog, and because I was in the Animation Mentor Webring, I always got traffic to it, there was my stills and some animation from my first couple of Terms, but as the Terms got harder, I didn’t manage to update it as often as I would have liked, and  now, as I don’t go there at all anymore, I’ve decided to delete the whole thing. The stills that were on the blog are stuff up on my (very) outdated website – they wont be missed.

The Blogger Site

At least it gave me a good start into the Blogging World.

Back to Animation!


End of last year, my beloved PC gave up and died. I was really sad to see it go, I loved that thing, but, on the upside, I’ve been converted, and converted I have indeed, to the awesome that is Mac.

My girlfriend was telling me how awesome her Mac was, and after a lifetime (ish) of being with PC, I decided that a change was in order, so I jumped in, and got me a new 27″ iMac.

My Office

This new machine is just pure awesome. From the moment I switched it on, everything just worked, everything! Everything is so sleek, smooth, with nice lines, curves where there should be, and the power of this thing is phenomenal!

So! Because of this awesome beast of a machine, and wanting to be with my girlfriend, I’ve started animating again. After a looong break of doing things that I’ve been wanting to pursue, such as mountaineering, and just general break from the computer, it’s time to buckle down, and make things happen.

I’m working away on my demo reel, and right now, I’m working on a pantomime shot. I’ll be sure to keep the blog posted as to how the progress goes.