I want to share with you all, how awesome my gf is. Back in September, on our Scotland Adventures, Regi bought with her this awesome, awesome biscuit called ‘Tatranky’. I instantly fell in love with it. It was a chocolate one if I remember right.

After she went home, she sent me some lovely packages through the post, and one of them contained 3 different Taranky’s for me to try, a chocolate one, Peanut, and Hazelnut (the pic on the bar was a bit vague, I thought it was Apricot!). I had to choose a favourite. My Pete it was a hard choice, all three are pretty spectacular. I chose the Hazelnut one.

(For those of you out there, who doesn’t know what this biscuit is, it’s a wafer covered in chocolate, and between the wafer’s there a filling, in this instance it was similar to Nutella. Good times :) )

For Regi’s Christmas visit, she bought me over with her 18 Hazelnut Tatranky’s, 3 packs of 6, oh they were good, I took them out with me when ever we went walking, and they disappeared pretty damn fast.

But!! On her visit over last week, she bought with her a massive, nicely wrapped gift of about 20 Tatranky bars – all 3 different flavours! Seriously, words can’t describe how happy I was – the UK doesn’t make anything like this, these bars taste so awesome – and they are such good mountain food! She’s the best girl, ever. xo

Me, on Cnicht, with Hazelnut Tatranky

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