Farewell ‘ye old blog


As I’ve got myself this brand new shinny new Blog, and I’m really liking everything about it thus far, I’ve decided to delete my first ever blog. It was a fun blog, and because I was in the Animation Mentor Webring, I always got traffic to it, there was my stills and some animation from my first couple of Terms, but as the Terms got harder, I didn’t manage to update it as often as I would have liked, and ┬ánow, as I don’t go there at all anymore, I’ve decided to delete the whole thing. The stills that were on the blog are stuff up on my (very) outdated website – they wont be missed.

The Blogger Site

At least it gave me a good start into the Blogging World.



I want to share with you all, how awesome my gf is. Back in September, on our Scotland Adventures, Regi bought with her this awesome, awesome biscuit called ‘Tatranky’. I instantly fell in love with it. It was a chocolate one if I remember right.

After she went home, she sent me some lovely packages through the post, and one of them contained 3 different Taranky’s for me to try, a chocolate one, Peanut, and Hazelnut (the pic on the bar was a bit vague, I thought it was Apricot!). I had to choose a favourite. My Pete it was a hard choice, all three are pretty spectacular. I chose the Hazelnut one.

(For those of you out there, who doesn’t know what this biscuit is, it’s a wafer covered in chocolate, and between the wafer’s there a filling, in this instance it was similar to Nutella. Good times :) )

For Regi’s Christmas visit, she bought me over with her 18 Hazelnut Tatranky’s, 3 packs of 6, oh they were good, I took them out with me when ever we went walking, and they disappeared pretty damn fast.

But!! On her visit over last week, she bought with her a massive, nicely wrapped gift of about 20 Tatranky bars – all 3 different flavours! Seriously, words can’t describe how happy I was – the UK doesn’t make anything like this, these bars taste so awesome – and they are such good mountain food! She’s the best girl, ever. xo

Me, on Cnicht, with Hazelnut Tatranky

Raise your fist if you believe in Revolution!

Every week, I plan on sharing somethings that I find interesting, or keep track of what I’ve been doing etc. Well this week has been an odd one.

My beloved PC gave up on me last weekend – so I’ve not been able to do as much of anything as I’d like. So! the plan is now to get me a beautiful iMac. I think my PC days are over, and it’s time for a change. So, hopefuly, real soon, I’ll have my new toy.

Surfs Up!
My fave artist has an awesome new sog out – John Butler Trio, One Way Road. It’s such a feel good song, I highly recommend that you check him out.

That’s all for now folks!