Brown Bag Films & the Italian Dolomites

I haven’t been around now for a couple of months but it’s been a really fantastic time, as me and Regi headed down to the beautiful Italian Dolomites for our vacay, but as I’ve just recently re-located to Dublin, Ireland – I haven’t got access to my iMac, and all the 1,300 photos I took from the vacation. For a small teaser, I uploaded this one to Flickr, and thought I’d share it here:

Brenta Group, Italian Dolomites

Also, in some very exciting news, I’ve re-located to the lovely city of Dublin to work for the really fantastic studio, Brown Bag Films. I’m now into my second week, and the vibe within the studio is just perfect, everyone is super friendly, and we’re working on some really great projects. Once I have all my stuff over here, I’ll be sure to post more information about it all soon.

Brown Bag Films

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