Gafyn Lloyd – the sound man

My good friend, and my creative partner (who I’m doing the ‘Sound of Silent‘ film with) Gafyn Lloyd has recently created a website showcasing his talent as a musician/sound effects artist/sound engineer – and I urge you to check it out.

Gafyn's Website

Gafyn Lloyd’s Website

On there, he’s got all of his most recent projects, epic songs in the Music Gallery, and in the Movie Gallery, he’s got all the SFX he’s created for on various projects – including one of my first ever proper – fully rendered, and (although not very well) animated shot called X-mas. Good times.

Here, you’ll also see our create HQ – images of the studio where he works from, and the hub where we used to create sweet music together.

If you need some Audio work for any project – feel free to check him out!

Sound of Silent – an animated short


Sound of Silent - set WIP

I’ve started a new blog, documenting my progress building, creating, animating, designing – everything imaginable that goes into creating a short animated film, over here;

Please check it out, and feel free to give me some feedback. The film is a story my friend, Gafyn Lloyd a Music Engineer and I came up with about 4 years ago. I’ve decided that I would really love to get this film out there, and so I’m planning on working really hard on this, along with other animation projects to get myself back into the swing on things. I hope you’ll check it out often, as I plan on updating it weekly.

– Iestyn

‘The Passenger’, ‘French roast’ and ‘Sound of Silent’


I’ve been following a wee animated film on the web for a little while now, and I’ve just realised that it’s been released! This beautiful, and funny film is called ‘The Passenger’ – created by Chris Jones.


Everything about this film is just awsome. The animation is solid, the camera work is amazing, great lighting and textures – and the audio is fantastic! He’s got an awesome website, where you can see some really cool ‘making of’s’ (this film took him 8 years to make!);

The Passenger

Seriously awesome film.

Another film I came across this week – and highly enjoyed the simplicity of it was ‘French roast’

French Roast

Check them out folks!

As for me – in the New Year, production will start back on my short film ‘Sound of Silent’, and this is where I’ll be uploading all my tests, drawings – anything related to the film.

Just a ‘sneak peek’ of what the set used to look like for you all;

Sound of Silent Set

Can’t wait to get back into animating my film – it’s been a wee while.