Just a quick post to say that I’ve created a new page for my ‘Sketchbook‘. Over the Winter months, a few of us from work headed every Thursday to the Trinity Arts life drawing classes, which I really loved, I haven’t actually sat down in a life drawing class since my collage days, so it was a fantastic break to the week attending these classes.

As the Summer months are upon us, classes have stopped, and in order to keep up with my drawing, I’ve come across two great life-drawing websites (Quickposes &  Figure a Gesture Drawing) which I set to anywhere from 30 seconds to 2mins, and draw away. I’m very new to drawing on a Wacom, but it’s great! I’ll be updating my Sketchbook page hopefully every week with a new page or so.

30 mins for all 4
30 mins for all 4

I’ll also upload a selection of pages from my actual sketchbook that I took with me to the life drawing classes.

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